Monday, August 17, 2009

Bippert Family Origin

On the left is a picture of Jacque Bippert Sr. He was born in Riquewihr, France, on March 10, 1800. He and his mother Christina, as well as his second wife Magdalene Lett and two children were the first to come to the United States.

Great Great Grandfather Jacque Bippert Sr. reached the blessed age of 94 years. He died February 10, 1894 at Castroville, Texas. "He was a fine type of the sturdy pioneer of Europe who settled in southwest Texas. After assisting to conquer the wilderness, under the stress of great hardship and danger, he lived long enough to enjoy the fruits of his early toil. His old age was marked by peace and plenty." (Johnson: A History of Texas and Texans. 1914"

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